"When we began our search for our next home, we were recommended to Colleen Rose to represent us. She exceeded our expectations, from helping us focus on properties with the features we wanted in the best locations. She kept us up to date with the latest listings, and she made it a point to know what worked best within our budget and needs. When we finally found the best home, she put her extensive skills and contacts to work to prepare an offer and present it the seller in a strategic manner that put us in the best position against multiple bids that competed with us. When our bid was not chosen, Colleen was right there to console us through our disappointment and encourage us to go on and find the right home, which she helped us find in a short time. We prevailed on our bid this time, with her efforts.

We could not believe how much she knew of the details and deadlines of the title transferring process, and then we found out that Colleen worked for many years at a title company, and she knew how to speed up the process and avoid errors, like the one that others made, which could have been time consuming and expensive. She made sure we were taken care of before she left on vacation and followed up afterward, even surprising us with a nice gift to welcome us to our new home. She even stopped by to help us with questions about the property and make sure we were happy.

We feel so confident in recommending Colleen Rose to you so you can also be impressed with her consistent ability to take care of your needs and help you achieve the best results.

We wanted to write this letter so you can discover her for yourself and contact her directly.

It will be the best decision you can make."

Mark Dobson & Amy Anzai  |  Buyer


"Colleen Rose of the Sereno Realty Group is so much more than a realtor. She's a life saver, a friend, a woman with beauty and impeccable taste, and - above all - the consummate professional who gets the job done in the easiest way with the best possible results.

I had had an unfortunate experience trying to sell my Mountain View townhome in Summer of August 2016.1n the most desirable real estate market in the country I was getting only two offers and none at an acceptable price. I took the property off the market feeling maybe no one else would ever see why I thought my home was a great place to live.

Then in December, I interviewed Colleen. She told me the ideal time to relist, what I needed to do make the place more attractive to buyers, did a phenomenal job of marketing it, and ..... well let's cut to the chase! She had my townhome sold after two days on the market at $130,000 over the asking price (and that was just one of seven very good offers)!

Colleen guided the process every step of the way with no stress for me, and every step was clearly explained so that the entire selling process was a breeze. This was because I had complete and well-founded faith in her handling every detail, and coming up with a great plan to get the best price. I would not hesitate to recommend Colleen to anyone selling or buying a home in the Bay Area. She goes the extra mile and makes what can be a very stressful event into a joyous one."

Marc Jacobs  |  Seller


"Colleen has been instrumental in helping us with all of our real estate needs over the past ten years, including buying two homes, selling one, and managing our property while we were on an international work assignment.

She is incredibly knowledgeable of South Bay real estate and all related processes, policies, forms, etc. She has a very high attention to detail and will consistently deliver above her clients' expectations.

We have recommended Colleen to many friends over the years."

Jeff & Darlene Clementz


"As a first-time home seller with a short lead time due to relocation, my goal was to find a proactive, well-informed, experienced agent. I had been following the Sereno Group’s condo and townhouse sales in my area during 2014-2015, and contacted them first once my cross-country move was finalized. I was so fortunate to be paired with Colleen Rose!

Throughout the listing and selling process, Colleen was not only extremely patient with my many questions, her advice proved accurate and invaluable. She handled every issue with tact and professionalism, and she kept me informed of required actions and progress every step of the way. Nearly 200 potential buyers attended my weekend open house, and I received 24 offers within 2 days.

Colleen went way above and beyond what I’d ever expect from an agent, including forwarding some personal mail to my new address. I could not be more satisfied, and highly recommend Colleen to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

Cherie McCormick  |  Seller


"We were looking for a confident, capable real estate agent to help us buy our first home. Colleen fit the bill and more. When planning for the purchase, we were very uneducated in the process, and Colleen was extremely knowledgeable and helped ease any concerns that we had. No matter how many questions we had, Colleen always had a great answer and responded in a very timely manner.

When other parties involved in the process were lacking or unresponsive, Colleen stepped up and reached out to ensure that everything flowed smoothly for us. She was extremely professional and organized, and she went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were happy. Even after the process was over, Colleen helped to connect us with several contractors and organizations to help us complete some work that was needed on the home and followed up to make sure all the work was done to our satisfaction - an immense help for a couple that had no prior experience in home renovation.

When making the big decision to buy a home, you want the best. For us, Colleen was definitely the best. We couldn't imagine going through this process with anyone else, and we'll be sure to come back to Colleen again for any future sale or purchase."

Tyrone Chen & An Giang  |  Buyer

"We couldn’t speak more highly of Colleen Rose, our very professional and committed real estate agent. We have a long history of working with Colleen dating back to January 2003. Colleen helped us purchase our home in Willow Glen and helped us sell it again this year in July 2010. Colleen did a phenomenal job in a difficult market.

What Colleen says she’ll do, she will. If she gives you a target sales price, it’s because she believes it can be achieved and is not just a sales pitch to win a listing like so many of the other agents we spoke with. Colleen will be candid and truthful even if it’s not want you want to hear, but is in your best interest.

We have recommended Colleen to three other friends who have bought, sold and bought again with her as their agent. In our circle of friends, Colleen is highly regarded. They have also referred Colleen to their friends.

We believe Colleen’s level of dedication and knowledge is what makes her such a tremendous success. Colleen is a great listener and quickly learns your interests and needs. She makes herself readily available and is extremely approachable, communicative, ethical and honest.

In our most recent transaction, Colleen demonstrated this when representing both sides--the buyers and us, as the sellers. Her attention to detail and thoroughness with marketing to the proper audiences enabled us to get multiple offers from buyers who were not considering buying at the time they received the marketing pieces. We were in a difficult spot with our house and she bailed us out by working hard to get three quality offers in a short period of time.

Colleen was at every open house, selling the property herself rather than having another person hold the house open as so many other agents do. This is critical and makes a huge difference! She’s an excellent salesperson and the person you want representing your property. Colleen was able to get buyers past the hurdles with our property, and there were a few problems.

I can’t emphasize enough how confident and safe you feel with her representing you in a purchase and/or sale. You couldn’t be in better hands.

We wholeheartedly recommend Colleen Rose and would strongly encourage you to hire her as your agent. Feel free to call us on our cell phone for further discussion and we’ll give you the same recommendation live."

Ben & Gabriella Stern

"My wife and I decided it was the right time to “move up” to a larger home in a family-friendly neighborhood. Because we are not first-time home buyers, we know that having the right agent is the most important decision one can make in the entire process of selling and buying a home. I can’t emphasize this enough. From our own experiences and the experiences of our friends, we were acutely aware of the wide range of real estate agents out there doing business. It’s hard to find a really good agent.

With a recommendation from our close friends, Heidi and Matt Scharrenberg (Colleen sold their house in a few days for over-asking, as-is), we talked to and hired Colleen Rose as our agent.

We immediately knew we made the right decision to hire her. Within a day of our first meeting, Colleen sent us an EXCEL worksheet with every piece of financial information, a plan of what to fix and improve in our house, and answers to all of our questions about the process of selling and buying. Almost immediately, Colleen not only devised a plan on what to do to make our house show well, but she contacted, scheduled, supervised, and managed all of the contractors working on our house. She handled any and all problems that came up, and basically made the process stress-free for us. We didn’t have to do anything or worry about anything.

She also listened to our needs when it came to buying a new home. Colleen got back to us right away when new houses came on the market and also advised us to look at houses we wouldn’t have known about on our own. Having a professional “in the know” really made a difference. We love the new home that she got us.

What stands out the most is Colleen’s professionalism and expertise in all matters related to real estate. She would return calls and emails immediately, any time of the day, and she always gave us the accurate, researched answers to our questions. She never guessed and always had conservative estimates so that there were no surprises. It’s obvious that Colleen loves what she does, and it really shows. After working with her, you really start to realize how most agents out there don’t really do anything for you after you sign with them. It’s not a coincidence that our house sold in one day at full asking price, when other similar properties in our area are still unsold.

My wife and I would recommend Colleen to anyone and everyone we know. Please contact us with any questions or concerns."

Chihiro & Christy Ikezi

"We could not have been more satisfied with our realtor experience than we were when we worked with Colleen Rose. Colleen assisted us on the purchase of our current home and the sale of our previous home. Colleen knows her market extremely well, is diligent and responsive and is very patient with her clients.

The experience at every of phase of the purchase and sales process with Colleen was superb, beginning with our initial meeting to discuss the possibility of working together. We both felt that she exuded all the characteristics we were looking for in a professional and competent realtor. Colleen was very knowledgeable about the homes she presented to us, including the surrounding areas, while always being patient with us. Colleen presented us with a strategic plan, which included marketing and email/letter campaigns to sell our home. Colleen also provided useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. We believe that Colleen’s efforts were the primary reason our house sold for a lot higher than the list price.

We would highly recommend Colleen as a trusted realtor and would call her instantly if we ever chose to list our home."

Chris & Kelly Rauber

"Our family had the wonderful privilege of working with Colleen to purchase our new home. We were extremely impressed with how professional, smart, diligent, capable, and kind Colleen was. Her extensive experience and knowledge were invaluable and we did not have to worry about anything as she took care of everything from A to Z. She has a great reputation in the industry which really helped us win our dream home against many other bidders. Colleen went out of her way to take care of everything that were completely outside of what would be normally expected of a buying agent and was always patient and helpful with our many random concerns. Needless to say, we very highly recommend Colleen for anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

Jeff Lee

"We are long time Willow Glen residents who lived in a charming cottage home and wanted to move up home size to start our family. We bought in 2007, so were already very apprehensive about selling and losing money.

We knew that finding the right agent, with the expertise to get us out of our small home with the least amount of cost, as well as someone who knew the area, was extremely important to us. Both of us are very particular, and can, and will, take a very long time to make a decision.

After interviewing Colleen, we knew right away that she was the agent for us. She is super approachable, and not at all pushy in any way. We worked with her over a year before we decided to finally sell and purchase our new home in Willow Glen.

What we also love about Colleen is her responsiveness and her "can do" attitude. Nothing is off the table. We asked A TON of her, and she ALWAYS perfectly delivered. We were very demanding and she never once was anything but completely delightful.

The purchase of our new home ended up being a very difficult transaction due to a variety of factors, and we kept thanking our lucky stars that we'd chosen Colleen. We felt like any other agent would have caused a huge amount of drama, or just simply given up. In the end, we are in our dream home because of Colleen. She works so incredibly hard for her clients and really earns every single dollar she makes.

Colleen is the best real estate agent there is. PERIOD. She listens, she's organized, she's brilliant, she's diligent. she's amazing.

Whenever given the chance, I always highly recommend Colleen because I want other people to have as wonderful of an experience as we did. Buying and selling a home is exhausting, mentally and physically, and you need the right person by your side.

I'm happy to speak with or email with anyone who would like to speak in greater detail."

Kate & Sean Sitter

"My wife, Hira and I purchased our first home in 2011. We had gone through a few realtors, and were not sure of what we wanted in a house or how the realtor can help us find it. At an open house, we ran into Colleen, and my wife got her card and information in case we want to call her and ask her questions.

A few days later we called Colleen about an open house and from then on, we were onto a great home buying experience. Colleen helped us discover the neighborhoods, the kind of house, the price range, the amenities that we wanted in our first house. Colleen was extremely patient with our pickiness and instead of getting frustrated; she learned what was important to us and used that to guide our search for our first home.

Colleen has been in the real estate industry for 30 years and she specializes in the bay area markets. This helped us a lot because when we started we were not sure which city we wanted to live in, and which area satisfies all our needs.

Once we narrowed down the City and Neighborhood, Colleen very patiently went to house after house until we were happy with the house we chose. She met us on weekends, late on weeknights, as needed. She made the process convenient for us and took time out of her busy schedule to accommodate for us, which we really appreciated. We bought a house on a short sale, which involved more process. Lucky for us, Colleen has had experience with all types of sales, so she explained the whole process to us and helped make it easy for us.

In addition to all this, she even helped us with the termite treatment, the home inspection, the roofing inspection, the appraisal etc. All these things that new homebuyers are not aware of or at least are not too experienced with. And in the end of the whole process, we got all our loan and home documents neatly organized in a folder along with a custom ceramic ornament as our house warming gift.

Hira and I can honestly say that buying our home was an amazing experience because of Colleen. We found the perfect house for us, in the perfect neighborhood and for an excellent price. We are very happy one year later, and still recommend Colleen to all of our friends. We would recommend any prospective new home buyers use Colleen as an agent because of her thorough knowledge of the home buying process, as well as her professionalism, her patience, and her eye for understanding the customer’s needs."

Mansur & Hira Khan

"This letter is to highly recommend Colleen Rose as a real estate agent. My husband and I hired Colleen to sell our Los Gatos home of nine years and purchase another home in Los Gatos.

From beginning to end, Colleen was wonderful. With her experience and instinct, she guided us through the whole process. We were buying and selling during a touchy time in the real estate market, when we weren’t exactly sure what to do. Our house presented to potential buyers beautifully, due in large part to Colleen’s taste and timing. Her responsiveness and professionalism eased our fears and smoothed the process. We could always reach Colleen and she never missed a beat with any one of our hundreds of questions, comments and concerns. In the competitive, fast-paced real estate business, Colleen blended discretion, professionalism and a great personality so that everyone, including other real estate agents, enjoyed working with her – to our benefit. Colleen is detail-oriented, thorough and quite knowledgeable in this area. I plan always to have her with me when buying a house.

Since then, I have recommended Colleen to friends, family and colleagues. I have received nothing but positive reports. They, in turn, have enthusiastically recommended her to their friends and family. "

Maureen L. Tabari